Enjoying A Cup of Coffee: A Complete Guide to the Perfect Coffee Drinking Experience

Ilustrasi Kopi di BATIQA Hotels - KOPIQAWAN

For many people, coffee is more than just a regular beverage. Its fragrant aroma and rich flavor can wake you up in the morning, be your loyal companion while working, or accompany you during relaxing moments with friends and family.

However, did you know that the enjoyment of coffee can be enhanced more than you can imagine? Here are some tips to make your coffee drinking experience even more special:

1. Choose Quality Coffee Beans

The quality of coffee beans is the key to getting the best coffee flavor. Choose coffee beans that are still fresh and come from varieties that you like. Also, pay attention to the roasting level, whether you prefer coffee with a light, medium, or dark roast.

2. Use the Right Water

The water used to brew coffee is also no less important. Use quality mineral water that is free from unwanted tastes and odors. Avoid tap water which may contain chlorine or other substances that can affect the taste of coffee.

3. Choose the Right Brewing Method

There are many coffee brewing methods that you can choose from, such asmanual brewing, using a french press, V60, or an espresso machine. Each method produces a different coffee taste. Try a few methods to find the one you like best.

4. Pay Attention to the Coffee Dosage

The right amount of coffee will produce a balanced coffee flavor. Too much coffee will make it taste bitter, while too little coffee will result in a bland taste. As a guide, use 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee for 200 ml of water.

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5. Set the Water Temperature 
The ideal water temperature for brewing coffee is between 90-96 degrees Celsius. Avoid using water that is too hot as it can make the coffee taste bitter, or water that is too cold which will result in a less than optimal coffee flavor.

6. Enjoy the Aroma of Coffee 
Before taking a sip of coffee, take some time to inhale its aroma. The fragrant aroma of coffee will awaken your sense of smell and prepare you to experience the enjoyment of coffee.

7. Customize to Your Taste
Coffee can be enjoyed in various ways. If you like milk coffee, add a little milk, creamer, or palm sugar to taste. You can also add toppings like whipped cream or cocoa powder to add flavor.

8. Find the Right Time
The best time to enjoy coffee is when you feel relaxed and have time to unwind. Avoid drinking coffee when you are in a hurry or stressed.

9. Pair with Food
Coffee will taste even better when enjoyed with side dishes. Try coffee with toast, cookies, or your favorite snacks.

10. Experience a Special Coffee Drinking Experience with KOPIQAWAN
For lovers of contemporary coffee, BATIQA Hotels presents KOPIQAWAN, a blend of Indonesian specialty coffee and natural spices that produces a unique and distinctive flavor. KOPIQAWAN is brewed with the best machine by BATIQA Hotels' skilled baristas, resulting in a creamy and fragrant milk coffee.

Enjoy KOPIQAWAN at the nearest BATIQA Hotels and experience the unparalleled enjoyment of coffee yourself. Get free KOPIQAWAN if you are a BATIQAONE member.

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