Sahur on the Go: Smart Strategies to Replace Hotel Breakfast with Sahur During Fasting

Ilustrasi Sahur di BATIQA Hotels

For Muslims who frequently travel and stay in hotels during the month of Ramadan, finding suhur can sometimes be a challenge. Hotel breakfast, which usually starts later in the morning, is not ideal for replenishing energy before fasting. However, don't worry, there are several smart strategies you can implement to still be able to perform suhur comfortably while staying at a hotel.

1. Plan and Confirm Before Check-in:

Before traveling, it is a good idea to contact the hotel to ask about the availability of suhur services. Some hotels provide special suhur services, in the form of food packages that can be delivered to your room at the desired time. If the hotel does not provide this service, you can ask if they allow guests to bring their own food into the room.

2. Simple and Practical Sahur Provisions:

Always prepare simple and practical suhur provisions that you can take with you when traveling. Some examples of food that is easy to carry and filling include:

  • Dates and nuts: These two foods are rich in energy and nutrients needed by the body when fasting.
  • Instant oatmeal: Oatmeal is easy to prepare and filling. You just need to add hot water and your favorite toppings like dates, honey, or nuts.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt is rich in protein and calcium which are good for digestive health.
  • Whole grain biscuits: Choose whole grain biscuits that are high in fiber to keep you feeling full longer.

3. Utilize the Mini Bar and Room Service:

Some hotels provide a mini bar in the room which usually contains snacks and drinks. You can use the mini bar to buy food and drinks for suhur, such as sliced fruit, yogurt, or milk. If possible, you can also order food through room service at night to be delivered at suhur time.

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4. Look for Sahur Alternatives Around the Hotel:

If your hotel does not provide suhur services and prohibits bringing your own food, you can look for suhur alternatives around the hotel. Try looking for a warung makan or restaurant that is open 24 hours or that opens before imsak time. Take advantage of online food delivery services which usually operate before suhur time.

5. Bring Disposable Cutlery:

Bringing disposable cutlery such as spoons, plates, and plastic cups can make it easier for you to enjoy suhur in your hotel room, especially if you bring your own provisions or order food through room service.

Additional Tips:

  • Don't forget to bring prayer equipment such as a mukena and prayer rug.
  • Set an alarm a few minutes before imsak so you don't miss suhur.
  • Drink enough water during suhur to help maintain hydration throughout the fast.

With a little preparation and smart strategies, you can still perform suhur comfortably and devoutly even while on a business trip or vacation at a hotel during the month of Ramadan.

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