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BATIQA Hotel Lampung situated in 26 km away from Radin Inten II International Airport. Head southeast toward Jalan Raya Branti. In 300 meters slightly turn left onto Jalan Raya Branti / Jalan Raya Lintas Timur Sumatera and continue to follow Jalan Raya Lintas Timur Sumatera. After 15 kilo meters, at the roundabout, take the second exit onto Jalan Lintas Barat Sumatera/ Jalan Zainal Abidin Pagar Alam. Exit the roundabout onto Jalan Lintas Barat Sumatera / Jalan Zainal Abidin Pagar Alam. Continue straight and use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Jalan Raden Intan.After 1,4 kilo meter slightly turn left to stay on Jalan Raden Intan. At the roundabout, take the first exit onto Jalan Jend. Sudirman and continue straight, the hotel will be on the right.

Konohagakure Naruto Village in Indonesia: Lembah Harau, West Sumatra

Desa Konoha Naruto di Indonesia
For Naruto anime fans, Konohagakure is an iconic village where ninjas live, filled with adventures and action. In the real world, although there is no village exactly like Konohagakure, there are several places in Indonesia that have similarities to this fictional village. One of the most interesting is Lembah Harau in West Sumatra.

Stunning Natural Beauty
Lembah Harau is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty. Surrounded by towering limestone cliffs, this valley offers spectacular and refreshing views. The calm and serene atmosphere of the countryside, as well as the cool air, make Lembah Harau an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Similarities with Konohagakure
Some of the things that make Lembah Harau similar to Konohagakure are:
  • Natural Scenery: The limestone cliffs in Lembah Harau remind us of the Konohagakure's Rain Forest Mountains that form the village's background.
  • Rural Atmosphere: Lembah Harau has a calm and peaceful rural atmosphere, like Konohagakure which is surrounded by rice fields and forests.
  • Local Wisdom: The people around Lembah Harau still hold on to local wisdom and traditions that have been passed down for generations, just like the people of Konohagakure who uphold the values of family and togetherness.

More Than Just Similarities
Although it has some similarities, Lembah Harau is more than just an Indonesian version of Konohagakure. Lembah Harau has its own unique and distinct attractions. Its extraordinary natural beauty, the friendliness of the local people, and its rich culture make it a must-visit tourist destination.

For Naruto fans who want to experience the atmosphere of Konohagakure in the real world, Lembah Harau is the right place. Here, you can enjoy the stunning natural beauty, feel the friendliness of the local people, and even take pictures with the backdrop of limestone cliffs that resemble the Konohagakure's Rain Forest Mountains.

Tips for Visiting Lembah Harau:
  • The best time to visit Lembah Harau is during the dry season, which is between April and October.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for trekking and hiking.
  • Bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Don't forget to bring a camera to capture the beautiful moments in Lembah Harau.
  • Take care of the cleanliness and preservation of Lembah Harau's nature.

Let's preserve Indonesia's natural beauty and feel the sensation of Konohagakure in Lembah Harau!

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