Unique Celebrations of Indonesian People on the New Year's Eve

New Year In Indonesia

The New Year's Eve is a moment that is awaited by many people around the world, including Indonesia. This moment is usually celebrated in various ways, from gathering with family and friends to watching entertainment events in public places.

In Indonesia, the New Year's Eve celebration is not only synonymous with fireworks and modern entertainment events. There are many unique traditions that are still preserved by the Indonesian people in various regions. Here are some of them:

Lantern Festival in Kotagede, Yogyakarta

Kotagede is one of the old cities in Yogyakarta that is famous for its rich culture. On New Year's Eve, Kotagede will be decorated with thousands of colorful lanterns. These lanterns will be lit from afternoon to evening.

Lanterns have a significant meaning for the people of Kotagede. Lanterns are believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. Therefore, the people of Kotagede will make and light lanterns on New Year's Eve as a symbol of hope and prayer for the new year.

Fireworks Festival in Bali

Bali is one of Indonesia's favorite tourist destinations. On New Year's Eve, Bali will host a spectacular fireworks festival. Fireworks will be fired from various places in Bali, from Kuta Beach to Besakih Temple.

The fireworks festival is one of the most popular ways to celebrate New Year's Eve in Bali. The colorful fireworks will decorate the Bali sky and make the atmosphere even more festive.

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Barong Performance in Bali

Barong is one of Bali's famous traditional arts. On New Year's Eve, Barong performances will be held in various places in Bali. This performance is believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck in the new year.

Barong is a symbol of good and victory over evil. Therefore, the Balinese people believe that the Barong performance on New Year's Eve can ward off evil spirits and bring good luck in the new year.

Tradition of Burning Fire in Lombok

In Lombok, there is a unique tradition to celebrate New Year's Eve, namely burning fire. Fire will be burned in various places in Lombok, from streets to public places. This tradition is believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck.

The tradition of burning fire in Lombok has existed since ancient times. Fire is believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. Therefore, the people of Lombok will burn fire on New Year's Eve as a symbol of hope and prayer for the new year.

Cultural Festival in Ambon

Ambon is one of the cities in Indonesia that is famous for its diverse culture. On New Year's Eve, Ambon will host a cultural festival that showcases various traditional arts from various regions of Indonesia. The festival will be enlivened by various entertainment events, such as music performances, dances, and martial arts.

The cultural festival is a unique way to celebrate New Year's Eve in Ambon. This festival not only showcases the beauty of Indonesian culture, but also becomes a forum to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between regions.

These are just some of the unique celebrations of the Indonesian people on New Year's Eve. These celebrations are not only a symbol of hope and prayer for the new year, but also become part of the richness of Indonesian culture.

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