Surabaya's Traditional Markets: A Timeless Shopping Paradise

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Surabaya is a metropolitan city located in East Java, Indonesia. The city has a variety of tourist attractions, from historical tourism, cultural tourism, to culinary tourism. One of the must-visit tourist attractions in Surabaya is the traditional market.

Traditional markets in Surabaya offer a variety of goods at affordable prices. From basic needs, such as rice, vegetables, and fruit, to non-essential needs, such as clothes, electronics, and handicrafts.

Here are some of the traditional markets in Surabaya that you must visit:

Pasar Turi

Pasar Turi is one of the largest traditional markets in Indonesia. The market is located in the Pabean Cantian district of Surabaya. Since ancient times, the location of Pasar Turi has been very strategic. Located on the main road leading to the city center. Pasar Turi sells a variety of goods, from clothes, electronics, to food.

Pasar Genteng

Pasar Genteng is a historic traditional market. The Surabaya City Government designated Pasar Genteng as the oldest market in Surabaya. No wonder, the market has been standing since 1872.

The market is located in the Genteng district of Surabaya. Pasar Genteng sells a variety of goods, from clothes, food ingredients, to spices.

Pasar Keputran

Pasar Keputran is a traditional market that is frequented by tourists. The market is the main vegetable market in Surabaya.

The market is located in the Sukolilo district of Surabaya. Pasar Keputran sells a variety of goods, from clothes, food, to accessories.

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Pasar Pucang Anom

Pasar Pucang Anom is a traditional market that sells a variety of goods, from clothes, food ingredients, to household appliances. The market is located in the Gubeng district of Surabaya.

At night, along the Pasar Pucang street will appear crowded with culinary attractions lined up, such as rawon, satay, gulai, and many other foods.

Pasar Bratang

Pasar Bratang is a traditional market located in the Bratang district of Surabaya. This market has tourism potential that is interesting to visit. Because at Pasar Bratang has two characteristics, namely a market known as a bird market, and also famous as a flower market.

In addition to selling birds and flowers, the market sells a variety of goods, from clothes, food ingredients, to traditional culinary specialties in general.

Traditional markets in Surabaya have a variety of advantages, including:

  • Affordable prices
  • Diverse selection of goods
  • Lively and crowded atmosphere
  • A place for social interaction for the community

Traditional markets also play an important role in the community's economy. Traditional markets are a place for traders to sell and earn a living. In addition, traditional markets are also a place for the community to meet their daily needs.

If you visit Surabaya, don't forget to visit the traditional market. You will experience a unique and enjoyable shopping experience.

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