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The Excitement of Lampung Cuisine: From Spicy Seruit, Tempoyak to Sweet Engkak!

Lampung Cuisine

Have you ever heard of Lampung? Not only does it have stunning beaches, but Lampung also has a delicious cuisine! From savory, spicy, to sweet, you can find it all in Lampung. Let's take a look at some of the must-try Lampungnese dishes!

1. Seruit: This is the king of Lampungnese cuisine! Imagine grilled fish with a spicy sambal terasi, tempoyak, and slices of sour mango kweni. Served with lalapan, it's even more delicious! It's no wonder that seruit is a must-have dish for big events in Lampung.

2. Tempoyak: This is the sauce for seruit! Tempoyak is made from fermented durian that gives it a unique, sour, savory, and slightly sweet flavor. In addition to seruit, tempoyak is also used as a seasoning for various Lampungnese dishes, such as gulai taboh or pindang patin.

3. Engkak: Do you want something sweet? Engkak is the answer! This traditional cake is made from wheat flour, eggs, butter, coconut milk, and sweetened condensed milk. It has a cute shape and a very soft texture. It's perfect for coffee or tea in the afternoon.

4. Kue Lampur: The name is Lampung, but this cake actually comes from Palembang. Still, this cake is a favorite in Lampung! This thin, multi-colored layer cake is made from wheat flour, eggs, and coconut milk. It has a soft, sweet, and addictive texture!

5. Gabing: Have you ever heard of coconut trunk being cooked? In Lampung, it becomes a delicious dish called gabing! Young coconut trunk is boiled and then cooked with coconut milk and can be added with meat. It tastes savory, chewy, and unique. Perfect for a filling lunch.

6. Pindang patin: Palembang is not the only place that has delicious pindang patin! Lampungnese pindang patin is just as delicious. Patin fish is cooked in a savory yellow broth with spices such as turmeric, galangal, and chili peppers. Served with sambal terasi, it's even more delicious!

7. Kemplang: Do you want a savory snack? Kemplang is a must-try! This fish cracker tastes savory, crispy, and addictive. There are original and sweet ones, depending on your taste!

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8. Bakso Sony: A trip to Lampung is not complete without trying Bakso Sony! This legendary bakso shop has been around since 1965 and the seasoning is passed down from generation to generation. The tendon meatballs are delicious, the broth is savory, and the portions are large. Guaranteed satisfaction!

9. Es Campur Sari Bumi Asri: Feeling hot after a walk? Sari Bumi Asri mixed ice is the cure! The mixture of various fruits, syrup, young coconut, and ice cream makes it taste refreshing and invigorating. A must-try drink when visiting Lampung!

10. Lampung Coffee: Coffee is not to be missed, right? Lampung has robusta coffee that is no less fragrant and delicious than coffee from other regions. Try tubruk coffee or milk coffee, guaranteed to make your eyes fresh and energetic again!

That's just a small part of the delicious Lampungnese cuisine! There are still many more delicious foods waiting for you to try. So, when are you going to Lampung and try all this deliciousness?

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