Renewal of Cleanliness Standards & Protocols at BATIQA Hotels

Ensuring the Health & Safety of our valued guests
  1. All Guest Services Areas
    • Cleaning or Sanitizing Every Hour
      • All lifts (both guest and employee lifts), stairs, and other areas are cleaned and sanitized every hour.
    • Cleaning or Sanitizing After Use
      • Restaurant chairs & tables, wheelchairs, trolleys, and other guest equipment and facilities are cleaned after guest use.
      • Various equipment touch points such as EDC machines, pens, and room key storage or ATM cards are cleaned after guest Check in / Check out
    • Regular Cleaning or Sanitizing
      • Front office desk, food station, cashier desk, kitchen, meeting room, gym area, internet corner, storage room, toilet, and other areas used by guests and employees are cleaned regularly

  2. Hotel Guests Room
    • All hotel rooms are cleaned and sanitized, including telephone, remote TV, chairs, desks, in-room safe, washbasin, toilet and shower.
    • Ultra violet light device is used to ensure the cleanliness of the hotel rooms according to standards.

  3. Restaurant and Kitchen
    • Dining tables, chairs, menus, table mats, serving food tray, sugar storage containers, host stations, and all other guest serving equipment are cleaned regularly and immediately after use.
    • Kitchen area including cooking utensils, chillers, and POS terminals are cleaned on an hourly basis.

  4. Precautions
    • Guests or employees entering the hotel area will be screened for body temperature and advise to wash their hands.
    • Guests and employees are required to wear masks while in the hotel area.
    • Guests will be asked to complete a self-assessment.
    • Provision of queues in the lobby area and seating in the restaurant are arranged in adherence to physical distancing standard.
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