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PT BATIQA Hotel Manajemen (BHM) is engaged in the hotel business, in particular in the ownership and management of three-star hotels. The company opened its first hotel in Karawang in 2014, followed by hotels in Cikarang, CirebonPalembangPekanbaru and Lampung.

Our Commitments

  • BHM is committed to deliver outstanding service with unique Indonesian Hospitality touch points to our guests each and every time
  • BHM is committed to fulfill the applicable regulatory in the Nation & Company
  • BHM is committed to continuously improve the quality management system
  • BHM is committed to create a conducive work atmosphere
  • BHM is committed to showcase a sincere hospitality for our customers

BHM’s vision

To be the largest, most trusted and respected hotel management company in Southeast Asia.

BHM’s mission 

To create the highest value for our guests, colleagues and investors with unique Indonesian Hospitality each and every time.

Company Value

Create a conducive work atmosphere, where each individual feels trusted and respected by his/her peers, subordinates, and supervisors. This can only be attained by treating each other equally in all aspects, caring to their interests, and cherishing their creation with sincerity.  

Excellence is the constant strive, through continuous improvement. And this is attained by being professional, which includes having integrity, being accountable, and focusing on process.

While the ultimate goal is to showcase sincere hospitality to our customers, we believe that it starts from growing true hospitality within the company, by building strong communication among peers, being sincere and helpful to each other. 


PT Surya Semesta Internusa Tbk (SSIA) was established in June 15, 1971. In March 1997, the company placed its shares in Bursa Efek Indonesia. As a real estate developer for the more than 40 years, SSIA has metamorphosed into a public company with three main divisions: property, construction, and hotels. To maintain focus, the 3 stars hotels management division was entrusted to PT BATIQA Hotel Manajemen (BHM).

BHM is engaged in hospitality, in particular owns and manages 3 stars business hotels. BHM is currently operating BATIQA Hotel & Apartments Karawang in Suryacipta Square, BATIQA Hotel CirebonBATIQA Hotel JababekaBATIQA Hotel Palembang, BATIQA Hotel PekanbaruBATIQA Hotel Lampung and BATIQA Hotel Darmo - Surabaya.

Business Development

PT BATIQA Hotel Management (BHM), a subsidiary of PT. Surya Semesta Internusa, Tbk, is engaged in the hospitality industry, specializing in the hotel sector. BHM owns and manages three star hotels named “BATIQA Hotels”, which has its own brand and management system.

Spearheaded by sister company, PT. Surya Internusa Hotels, the chain of BATIQA Hotels are currently being established in main cities in Indonesia. Future development are also planned of overseas location.

BHM's vision is to be the largest, most trusted and respected hospitality management company in Southeast Asia and the mission is to provide a quality product and superior service through the commitment and excellence of its people in creating optimal value for its stakeholders.

What BHM offers :

  • Prompt service at competitive base management fee
  • Strong technical guidance during design phase to achieve efficient hotel layout
  • Comprehensive policy to reach consistent service all across properties.
  • Accurate Forecasting Return of Investment (ROI)
  • Increased profitability and reliable financial reporting
  • Experienced  and creative in-house professional resources

Hotel's Characteristics:

  • Average 100-200 rooms
  • Thoughfully designed comfortable room. 19-44 sqm equipped with quality fixtures and amenities
  • Strategically located near commercial shopping area, transportation channels, business and government district
  • Unique design that blends contemporary architecture with semi modern local artistic interior design
  • High security and safety standard
  • IT emphasis in operation and marketing
  • Competitive room rate

For inquiries, please call our Corporate Head Office on +6221 5276682 or email to investor.relations@batiqa.com. Click here to see our Company Profile and FAQ.




Brand Concept

 Brand Concept


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BATIQA Hotel Palembang Adakan Donor Darah

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PT Surya Internusa Hotels - CSR Blood Donation

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